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Level Up Recovery
"Striving to empower individuals to step into their divine destiny,
while living in complete freedom of Christ"


Britni Boyce

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Level Up Recovery Workbook

The Level Up Recovery Workbook is a biblical guide to breaking free from strongholds while freeing your body, soul, mind, and spirit. In this interactive guidebook, you will unlock your freedom through Christ, breaking the bonds of addiction forever. You will be refreshed and renewed as you to step into your true identity and specific life purpose.

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Level Up Recovery is a faith-based program designed to help you step into your fullest potential in every area of life after living in substance abuse. We follow a holistic approach, knowing that your mind, body and soul work together. The most important part of life is our relationship with Jesus. Step into your next level, learning how to hear the Holy Spirit in a practical way, creating a life of freedom and abundance.






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Are you sober but still feel dull?


Do you lack excitement?


Are you living day to day fighting the battle inside your mind to stay sober?

Let me assure you that this is not all God has planned for you! The Creator of the Universe has PROMISED you an abundant life. You are guaranteed a life of FREEDOM from any nagging thoughts that are hindering you from reaching your FULLEST potential.

Allow me to give you the tools that will help you reach new levels in life that you have not even imagined yet.

God wants to be your source of constant peace. You are worth far more than you are settling for right now. Your mind, body and soul are designed to be in full alignment.


Let's achieve this together by realigning our thinking patterns, physical well-being and relationship with God.


God has BIG plans for you!


Will you take this call to step into your divine destiny?


I look forward to working with you!




Britni Boyce

Recovery Coach to High Performers

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Coaching Program

We will work on the false beliefs we have about God and ourselves that create a barrier between our current reality and our divine destiny. It's time to break through our limiting beliefs that are keeping us from reaching new levels.


To be able to hear God clearly and live in our full purpose, we must take care of our bodies. We will learn different aspects of nutrition and genetics to holistically heal the damage we caused during our addiction.​


Your relationship with God is the main ingredient for Leveling Up your life. He will take you to higher levels than you have ever reached before. We will work on advancing our spirit so we can experience the wholeness of Jesus.

You're always one choice away from changing your life.
Mac Anderson
"I learned how to make my thoughts and emotions work with me and not against me through this course. GAME CHANGER"
- Kimberly, Grants Manager
"This program has really put my mind and soul in the right space to receive God's work and guidance. Britni has been a key part in helping me achieve my goals in getting closer to God"

- Chris Olson, Electrical Engineer

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