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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I have to do?

All I ask is that you show up ready to grow with an open mindset to work with the tools given. The program is all online and in the Mighty Networks application.


How long is the program?

This is a three-month online program. You have unlimited access to course material; therefore, you have an indefinite amount of time to complete the course. The one-on-one coaching calls must be completed in the three-month duration. In the Level 2 coaching package, you will receive twelve, 1:1 coaching sessions, which leads to advanced acceleration in the program. These twelve weekly sessions must be completed within the three-month time frame.


Do you guarantee results from your life coaching?

Yes, if you put in 100% effort, this coaching program is founded on evidence-based training plus the gospel of freedom through Jesus Christ. If you feel as though the program is not working for you, you can cancel your program within the three-month time frame to not be drafted any more payments from that time forward.


What is special about level up recovery?

Level Up Recovery teaches FREEDOM and abundance. We teach the full, new life in Christ. The program is also specifically designed to accommodate people with full-time jobs and families. Level Up Recovery lets you heal in private without any shame or embarrassment.


We are the next step to your next level after substance abuse. You were meant for so much more than just getting sober! Your sobriety is just the start of the life Christ has for you!


I am happy to help answer any further questions to give you a better understanding of Level Up Recovery. We are dedicated to helping you to our best ability. 

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