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Case Study

Alexandra went through, Level Up 2 coaching program.


Alexandra was at her lowest point in life. She struggled to get through each new day. Alexandra questioned why she was alive and went to sleep hoping she would not wake up. When she went to bed at night, she saw no hope.

"God knew I was meant for more, and if I stopped living by my own plan and opened my eyes to his, I would live in eternal happiness" -Alexandra
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Alexandra states that as the weeks went by in the program, she "felt closer and closer to a relationship with God that she had clearly been missing for 31 years." The course changed the way she "reacts and thinks about hardships in life." God knew she was meant for more and called her to Level Up Recovery. She stopped living by her own plan and opened her eyes to His. The groups every Thursday night, she says, are the best part of her week.

"This course changed the way I react, the way I think about changes and hardships"            -Alexandra
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