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Success Stories

Katelyn Jones,
AR Children's Hospital

During Level Up, I looked forward to weekly fellowship time so much. I was challenged and empowered by other people who were genuinely seeking to understand and know Jesus better together. We talked about loving Christ in real life, shared our walks, and I felt God guiding and teaching us all actively through one another. It is powerful to be able to be the bride of Christ for one another, to remind each other where our strength comes from, and to know that you know who will lift you up in prayer when you need it. The lessons were so well guided and engaging, and I will always remember the sense of worthiness I felt because of the approach of this study. It truly is for everyone!

Casey Robbins,
CEO of The Willow Ranch Boutique

I enjoyed the Level up recovery program so much. It was thoughtfully planned out each week and somehow aligned with my journey in life every single week. There was not one week that I did not take an important message from God that spoke directly to me that I could apply to my life. The most amazing thing that I am coming out of this program with is the community of wonderful, Godly people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. They have helped point me further into the direction that God has planned for my life and I know these are friendships that I can carry with me forever.

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